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Huntington Beach Leased School District Land May Be Sold

Huntington Beach, Calif.
The Huntington school district recently announced it will consider land sales at land the district owns and leases to two private schools. The schools may have to move, if so. The Huntington Beach City School District is moving forward with plans to potentially sell four former school sites after a district trustees vote of  4-1 in favor of the sales, and  process to solicit bids for the four properties occurred.

Brethren Christian Junior/Senior High with 420 students and Huntington Christian School with 500 students are both subject to sale, which means nearly 1000 students would have to relocate. Kettler Elementary School was shut down because of declining enrollment two years ago and was located on land fill. The fourth site is the district's headquarters.

Neighbors surrounding these schools object to the sales, as do residents who don't want to foot the bill for new construction when another baby boom occurs. Meanwhile, some schools face overcrowding with temporary trailers parked on the school lots in places such as Hope View School near Central Park.


As Huntington Beach edges toward build out of available lands, builder fees will no longer be available for new school construction as occurred at Seacliff Elementary School on Garfield Street near the Seacliff developments and private, gated homes.