Huntington Beach Marine Safety Week Photos and Lifesaving Tips with T. Villalobos

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Photos from the Marine Safety Open House. Marine Safety Officer Tony Villalobos With Huntington Beach Community Services Director Jim Engle.

Guide to Safety Tips

2.   Learn To Swim: Learning to swim is the best defense against drowning. Teach children to swim at an early age. Children who are not taught when they are very young tend to avoid swim instruction as they age, probably due to embarrassment. Swimming instruction is a crucial step to protecting children from injury or death.

The lesson? Not all individuals conquer their fear of swimming, or are fortunate to gain access to lessons as youngsters. Those individuals come to the beaches not realizing that a wave is stronger than they are. Waves can sweep people out to waters deeper than the individual's height, thus causing a person with little experience an no ability to swim to panic. Sadly, these individuals are most prone to drowning. Why? In addition to not following this safety tip, they also often don't adhere to Tip #1, entering the water near a lifeguard.