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Huntington Beach Safety Week Lifeguard Services Education



Huntington Beach, Calif.-- I Went To The Marine Safety Open House At The Vincent G. Moorhouse Lifeguard Headquarters At 103 PCH In Huntington Beach. The Goal Is To Educate Parents And Children In Preventing Drowning And Beach Related Accidents.




By Practicing The Following, You Can Avoid Accidentss!
1. Swim Near A Lifeguard
2. Learn To Swim
3. Never Swim Alone
4. Don't Fight The Current
5. Swim Sober
6. Leash Your Board
7. Don't Float Where You Can't Swim
8. Life Jackets = Boating Safety
9. Don't Drive Headfirst - Protect Your Neck
10. At Home You're The Lifeguard

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Photo Identifications:

1.  Aiden Lyford On One Of The Marine Safety Vehicles.
2. Chris MacDonald With Marine Safety Office Steven J. Reuter
3. Marine Safety Officer Steven J. Reuter With HBISM's Randy Lyford