Ronnie Lomas

Veronica Lomas Pageantry Productions, Planned Parades in Huntington Beach


Ronnie Lomas (left) was half of a Pageantry Productions, a tradition of parades and events

productions in cities throughout California and elsewhere. She passed away in Jan. 2009..

Ronnie Lomas was a gracious lady who always wore a smile. The room was aglow when Veronica entered, nicely dressed, hair manicured and nails always looking salon-fresh.

Lomas loved life and she especially loved a parade. For decades, she worked with her husband/partner in the Pageantry Productions business, producing parades, festivals and special events with some happening on the same day, no less.

Known to those who have planned and produced the 4th of July Parade in Huntington Beach, Lomas will be fondly remembered for her bright outlook, smile and helping hand in making each year's parade seem easy and fun. A real professional, even when Lomas became ill, the show carried on, and she often attended meetings when she felt up to it.

In 2007, Lomas was chosen as the 2007 Bill Gallienne Award winner. The award honors an individual for their long-standing association with the Huntington Beach 4th of July Celebration, as a volunteer, employee or consultant. The Huntington Beach Fourth of July Executive Board announced this honor which recognizes Ronnie, who has worked with her husband, Bill Lomas, to produce the annual parade event for 30 years.


Veronica (Ronnie) Lomas will be missed by the hundreds of folks who worked with her to plan events, and by the countless millions who saw her handiwork, never knowing about this capable woman behind the scenes who loved a parade! See Connie Young's photos from the unique and amazing celebration of this brave lady's life, held at her funeral and memorial service in Westminster, Calif. in January 2009.