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Huntington Beach Pier Village, the Community of Pier People, may one day look like this city-style landscape of building structures created by simple the click of a mouse. Not everyone has seen the pier. And some of us have seen and photographed it so many times, we simply need fresh perspectives on the photographic effort of taking pictures of the pier, itself.

Representing the pier as a village, no human actually lives on the Huntington Beach Pier. It closes down each night at midnight and stays locked up till 5 a.m. each morning.  During the day, some workers spend 5, 10 or even 12 hours working on the pier, selling gift souvenirs such as Surf City HB logo designs, t-shirts and license plates, or kites, or bait, or even Ruby's Diner food. The people working on the pier have their beloved views, and they can even tune into a pier cam to entertain, though most are focused on the customers within their businesses. The pier workers look at the Huntington Beach Pier as a source of income.

But for some, it is a thing of beauty. Take, for instance, several people in Huntington Beach who used to go to the pier and photograph it every single day. The exercise was interesting, till you started noticing that many of the photos started looking the same. Finally you had to ask yourself how many days you would photograph a newborn that changed ever so slightly each day. And finally after about 365 of those days, most of these photographs moved onto something else.

The photo above is clearly the handiwork of a special photoshop filter that took and image and distorted it significantly. It is one photograph in a series of several showing what the pier would look like not by photographing five days in a row, but by taking one photo and changing it several times. The whole idea is to entertain. There's nothing heavy or difficult about the effort that went into this exercise. But as a web site  that presents journalism, we do like to state that if it isn't apparent, the photos are manipulated in this section as artistic endeavor and entertainment for viewers.

The picture was photographed with a nikon digital d200. After-effects prominently utilized extrude filter.