Huntington Beach Pier diagonal
HB Pier sunset

Huntington Beach Pier is magic day or night, left or right.

Huntington Beach--Huntington Beach Pier is magic, whether you see it in the day or night. When you take a picture of it, there are all sorts of angles and options for capturing the ocean, the sky, and the structure that divides and separates them, but also ties them together.

Huntington Beach Pier is often credited as being the longest pier in California. That claim is false, we are sorry to say. It could be technically correct to say that HB Pier is the longest concrete, municipal pier in California. Lost a few times to storms in the 1000+ years of its existence as a beach structure in Huntington Beach, the re-built piers have provided many lessons in the ocean and weather patterns.

The Huntington Beach Pier sees hundreds and sometimes thousands of people in a day. The focal point of the city and outstanding tourist attraction and icon, so determined in marketing studies, this pier is anchored by Main Street, an old-fashioned shopping and dining street. Not qualifying for historic downtowns, Huntington Beach's Main Street and Pier are surrounded by new buildings, thus making the experience a blend of new and old. People love the funky side of the pier, the downtown and the beach.

The pier itself offers a bit of shopping and dining. But its asset is its vantage point above the Pacific Ocean. Breezes are nearly always guaranteed on this causeway to the ocean.

Fishing is perhaps the second attraction on the pier, beat out only by strolling. People are watched on the pier from the Tower Zero lifeguard tower and aren't allowed to run, ride skateboards, bikes, etc. Pets also aren't allowed on the beach or pier.

Take your pier photos and have tons of fun figuring out what angle will best represent your mood as you look at and try to capture the essence of the local gem.

Do you want to see more of the pier? Here are some resources to make your wish come true. First, you may like to know that special events in Huntington Beach include a pier swim, Duck drop from the pier in a fund-raising rubber ducky race called Duck-a-thon, a Christmas holiday pier lighting ceremony called Light a Light of Love and the Huck Finn Fishing Derby are but a few events held in or around the pier each year. See more annual events in Huntington Beach.

When flying into Orange County, you often may get a glimpse of the pier from a window seat, and for you creative types, maybe you want to visit this beguiling pier and captures its many moods with your own style of art.

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