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Huntington Beach Pacific Coast Highway PCH at Main Street Picture


pacific coast highway looking south
Main street intersection of coast highway HB

Huntington Beach photo of Pacific Coast Highway looking south at the intersection Main Street.

Huntington Beach, Calif..―The fourth largest city in Orange County (surpassed by Irvine), enjoys approx. 28 square miles of terrain, lined up primarily in a grid pattern of streets. Because it is flat, the city is fairly easy to navigate. Its coastline veers every so gently, so you'll not get lost too easily. If you do, however, most locals can direct you to some basic landmarks, though they won't necessarily know all the streets in the city. Continuing to grow at a fairly slow pace (Huntington Beach land for development is becoming sparse), there are areas of the city that residents don't tend to visit, depending on which part of town they reside in.

South Huntington Beach residents most often frequent downtown Huntington Beach, shown above, and streets Brookhurst, Magnolia, Adams, Pacific Coast Highway and cities Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. North Huntington Beach residents, on the other hand, are familiar with Warner Avenue, Edinger, Beach Boulevard. Golden West and Pacific Coast Highway, too. It's faster for a northern resident to access Sunset Beach, Seal Beach and Westminster, some surrounding city neighbors.

Shown in the photo above is the heart of the city where Pacific Coast Highway meets Main Street. Just out of view to the right in the picture is the Huntington Beach Pier. And to the left on Main Street you'll find the bars, bistros, bikini and board shops.

Huntington City Beach and the Pacific Ocean are visible in the image in which you'll see beach parking lots. These lots charge flat fees in the summer months (around $10 - 15), and metered parking in the "off" season months with a quarter (25 cents) getting you around 10 minutes parking.  Pay machines in the lots will take your dollar bills for parking fees.