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Huntington Beach Farmer's Market & Art Fair Photo Beach Views

Huntington Beach, Calif.-- Huntington Beach Farmer's Market, a decade in existence, offers beach views, and the soft winds on a perfect Southern California afternoon as shown in the photograph above.

Huntington Beach, Calif.―Farmer's Market looks like a tent city that once salted the shores of Huntington Beach (then called Pacific City) over 100 years ago.  Looking down on a sea of tents mostly shaded white, the Friday Farmer's Market offers its own brand of living. From hand crafted gifts to the California certified vegetables, flowers and fruits (must be grown on California farms,) your shopping experience at this beachside bazaar offers the antithesis to a grocery store or indoor mall. Out in the elements such as air, sea and sand, on a clear Southern California afternoon you can see the volleyball courts on the sandy beach, watch the Pacific Ocean waves, and gaze to the Huntington Beach Pier and Catalina Island as you shop for vegetables and fruits.

Tourists find this market appealing, too, for its beach-themed gifts, graphics, greeting cards and kids clothing that are sold next to the fruits and vegetables at Pier Plaza in Huntington Beach.  Selected by at least one reporter as a favorite outdoor market for its scenic views, we have been to a few of the hundred or more farmers' markets that exist in California, and think this one is pretty cool, indeed.

When our reporter first worked at the local tourism agency, the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau, several of the most often asked questions centered around the Farmer's Market and Art Fair. The most popular question was "How do I participate in the crafts fair? I want to sell my items there." The next most asked question was, "What are the hours on the Farmer's Market?"

Vendors have to fill out an application to apply for a space at this event. There's a core of regulars you'll see at most markets. But with effort, patience, luck, and the entry fees, you, too, can sell your stuff. The hours are most Fridays (only gets bumped for major events such as US Open of Surfing), from around Noon to dusk (five o'clock), though we've seen the farmers pack up quite a bit before then. For more information, call: (714) 573-0374.


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