The Truth about Dogs in Huntington Beach

Do you want to visit and bring pets with you for a vacation in Huntington Beach? While the city bills itself as dog friendly, be advised that there is only one hotel accepting pets. The Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort takes pet with some limitations to size.


You've read about the city being dog friendly, right? However, be advised that while dogs are allowed in many places, you can't take them on the pier, in restaurants (unless you have a certified dog for disabilities,) or on the beaches, except for Dog Beach.


As you wander any day of the week, you'll routinely see dogs out and about being walked or run with their jogging owners. Dogs are like children to many and though the downtown Huntington Beach did not manage to keep its Wiskers Pet Boutique, there are PetSmart dog stores in the city and several non-chain pet stores. Pet cemeteries, pet veterinary care, and even pet sitters and pet walkers all offer a wealth of resources and opportunities for dog owners.


Huntington Beach dog-lovers love their pets. They love them so much, in fact, that they have fought to have a dog park. When it was nearly shuttered or relocated due to neighbor complaints, they fought to keep it open, and succeeded.


Residents also fought to have a dog beach. When liability, messes and dog problems arose, they fought again to keep it open, and succeeded.


When city council was poised to pass a bill requiring dogs get chipped with an rfid tag, dog owners were outraged, angered and they fought to beat the near passing of an invasive bill that they saw as a threat to their freedoms as pet owners. They won this battle, as well.


When an animal rights group fought to regulate dachshund races, the city's Old World Village continued to offer its races in a low-key manner, mainly because the pet owners absolutely love this event and feel it is a fun, friendly option for their wiener dogs. It is not done for betting or for any other reason than to bond with the cute little pets.


Like children, dogs are generally locked in houses or backyards while people work and tend to every day life. Perhaps that's why people try so hard to take dogs with them to dine and socialize. Downtown Huntington Beach offers outdoor dining where people can chain up their pets to keep an eye on them. In Central Park there are two restaurants that treat dogs and pets well at their outdoor tables, and the Park Bench Cafe even assigns a special doggy dining area just for pets.


To say that people are passionate about dogs in HB is putting it mildly.


You can take your pet when visiting to Dog Beach. It is located on Pacific Coast Highway between Seapoint Street and Golden West Street. There is metered parking, which may fill up on popular summer days.


You can also walk your dog along beach paths, though dogs are not allowed on other beaches. Sometimes when things get hectic such as the U.S. Open of Surfing, you'll see people take their pets onto the sand near the Huntington Beach Pier. The pleasure doesn't last when someone asks you to take your dog off the beach, however. Also, dogs aren't allowed on the Huntington Beach Pier. The signs are posted, but people don't see or read them sometimes. Generally a lifeguard will get wind and announce on the loudspeaker that the dog can't be there.


As a vacation with pets go, Huntington Beach is great if you can afford the Hilton Rates. Expect to pay a little extra for your pet, which in our best estimate, would put a room rate around $250 up.



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