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100 years exhibit

art exhibit 100 years

EBB & FLOW exhibit at the Huntington Beach Art Center, 538 Main St., Huntington Beach, CA, celebrates the history of a city once named Pacific City. It was also called Shell Beach. In February 1909 it was incorporated with the name Huntington Beach, in honor or Henry E. Huntington, wealthy oil magnate. The art exhibit shows pictures of Henry Huntington and other prominent individuals who have helped shape the seaside city into desirable residential community and vacation destination. Call: (714) 375-1650.

In 2009, Huntington Beach, California began celebrating its 100 years of incorporation with pizzazz. A Rose Parade float launched the year-long celebration. 

Getting down to business, an art exhibit with photos and memorabilia at the Huntington Beach Art Center then helped put the history of the city of close to 200,000 in perspective for tourists and local residents.

Items lent from exhibits and private collections ranged from a huge slab cornerstone from the Municipal Pier of 1914 which is on display most times a the HB International Surfing Museum, to the Surf neon sign from the Surf Theater that no longer exists, are memories, if nothing else. But when woven into a timeline, a picture begins to form. While the exhibit's artifacts are sometimes copies of hard-to-obtain pictures or playbills, you can see that Huntington Beach is rooted in farming, oil discovery, and tourism. Farming is gone, oil continues to come out of the ground on a limited basis, and tourism has grown during the past 100 years.

The exhibition runs (or ran) from Jan to mid-February 2009, and was planned to celebrate monthly themes created by a centennial celebration committee to provide both fun and educational opportunities to honor the 100 years of existence. Shown in the top photo was William Kettler, a long time Huntington Beach resident who has served the community as a volunteer for decades. As an invited lecturer, he spoke about the Native Americans who once lived in the region.

According to attendee Chris MacDonald, on Sunday January 18th, 200, Bill Kettler spoke at the Huntington Beach Art Center's exhibit created by Huntington Beach Historic Resources Board delving into HB'S 100 Years. Mr. Kettler provided interesting facts about the Bolsa Chica Wetlands. He said that today's Tidal Inlet used to be the Santa Ana River which now empties into the Pacific Ocean in south Huntington Beach. Attending the lecture were many volunteers and citizens  Including Amigos De Bolsa Chica President Dave Carlberg with his wife Margaret, former Huntington Beach Mayor Connie Boardman, Jim and Carrie Thomas, Matthew "Clint" Orr, Ann Minnie, Arlene Howard, Randy English and Margaret Nerio.