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photo of huntington beach pier

pictures of Huntington City Beach
city beach surfing, bonfire, volleyball

Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Offerings are Plentiful for your friends and guests.

If you are looking for Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors services such as nice hotels, the Surf City destination really says surfing, but so much more. From Starbucks on Main to the Toyotas on the beach that the lifeguards drive, HB isn't just branded, generating awareness, its powerful messages also speak volumes to a lifestyle that consumers seek through images and products. Destinations such as Huntington Beach compete and need to be marketed to attain awareness, recognition and preference, and you will notice such efforts are in play up and down the California coast.

Because brand awareness creates goodwill and demand among business and convention travelers, even leisure travelers cite that they notice Huntington Beach in the store video screens with live cams at Hollister. It helps to build recognition for smaller cities with limited marketing budgets and hotels numbering only in several thousand. With such limitations, there are still ways to spread the word, and Surf City does a great job.


One effort has been the city's economic development team, eager to create a revenue generating stream to fund growth. Working hand in hand with the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau, the marketing arm directed at growing tourism and essentially keeping hotel rooms full, the two make a perfect match.


It all began several decades ago. A man named Steve Bone stepped up to the plate to create a unique entity apart from the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce, and the first person to run the non-profit company was Diane Baker, a tourism veteran. She created many great programs and stayed abreast of the latest trends in tourism. Among the things we remember about Diane Baker was her focus on ecotourism and her marketing to the business crowd and tour groups.

Next, Doug Traub stepped in when Diane retired. He came from a PR background, having worked in marketing, a zoo, and another destination or two. His focus was on web, internet, branding and growing the budget, among other things. Traub took over when Baker left off, and his contributions were quite notable and he garnered much press and a lively debate in the national press as to the Real Surf City.


After Traub departed the HBCVB, Steve Bone, the Bureau's founder, came back as the President and CEO, a position he'd never held there, having devoted much of his career in recent years to the Robert Mayer Corp.  Bone's no-nonsense approach is results-oriented and not necessarily splashy, but extremely polished. If you want to use the word "pro", you may find out why when you discover Bone has worked in Real Estate and Hospitality industries for quite some time. His knowledge encompasses a vast wealth of resources, and understanding of how things work. Knowing the cyclical aspects of tourism provides a healthy dose of sustainability when hotel sales and city TOT is down.


On the horizon is a new visitor kiosk at the Huntington Beach Pier, more print collateral, more new hotels to promote and tourists of a new generation coming in droves to the positively cool Huntington Beach.