palm tree at hb pier
huntington beach ocean

Palm trees sway in the late afternoon breeze and a warm, yellow glow coats everything with the colors of the setting sun as a banner welcomes visitors to Huntington Beach.


Huntington Beach Banner Art with Palm & Bird Themes



Huntington Beach--Did you know that the banners lining a city's streets have volumes to say about that city's art?  Many cities create an atmosphere based on their public banners and art. In the photo above you can see the Pacific Ocean contrasted by the vertical shapes of the palm trees that line Pacific Coast Highway. Also in the picture is a banner that welcomes you to Huntington Beach. Up and down the coast of California you'll see street banners. Most are basic with a moon shape, a bird, big lettering naming the city, or whatever. Huntington Beach is basic at best. It just doesn't purvey an era of art knowledge or finesse in its public art. Most people really don't mind, and in our surveys convey that they  most enjoy banners on the pier promoting the US Open of Surfing. Like Yaz, Yelp, Yahoo and Google, the surfing banners make a statement.

With early roots in art, famed watercolorist and art teacher Bill Anderson helped found the arts board that was responsible for bringing to Huntington Beach fine arts. Today the fine arts mostly exist in the private homes of art creators, collectors and a few galleries throughout the city.  But the beauty of Huntington Beach is that it is surrounded by world class art centers that you can enjoy when visiting or living in Huntington Beach.

While some guests visit to purchase art, one very special place they go to buy is the gallery at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort. The Gallery HB specializes in Todd White Art created from the loins of his artwork  from Sponge Bob movies.  White specializes in exaggerated, caricature figures of celebrities and the like. His work is sought out around the globe. The HB Gallery maintains a collection of affordable art with many beach themes. On a limited basis you may find White's work represented at the nearby Seal Beach Main Street Gallery. And of course, several nearby art colonies exists in  Laguna Beach to the south or Long Beach

Talented, known artists abound throughout Huntington Beach. One ocean-themed artist whose work we enjoy is Serafin. His style can be abstract, as is his use of colors.  Huntington Beach residents Bill Anderson and Howard Hitchcock are heavy players in the art world. Recognized globally, these locals sell their works to celebrities and a wealthy audience that flies into Southern California just to purchase their creations. While Anderson finds that his buyers don't often stay in Huntington Beach, preferring cities in the Southern California where fine art is abundant, they drive in on appointment and make their acquisition in his Sunset Beach gallery.  These are but a few creators that grace the city. Also in Huntington Beach artist Doreen West, who's artistic style has become especially popular for commissioned pieces, not only paints but sells her work at The HB Gallery.

But when you want serious art looking and shopping, head south to Laguna Beach where the Sawdust Festival and gallery shopping are world class. The large quantity of galleries and variety of art media allow you to look and shop for nearly any type of item you seek. First Thursday Art Walk is so much fun, if you appreciate art, you should try it when visiting. Free buses traverse Coast Highway, taking people between the galleries with live music, wine & cheese, and featured artists who discuss their works.

Also nearby is an amazing gallery that's so under-recognized but will surely become known in the art world in years to come. Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach is a well worth a trip to see when visiting Huntington Beach.  When you really want wow, visitors can't help but find The Getty a big deal. Art lectures throughout the day and evening entertainment make this a venue you'll not soon forget.

Huntington Beach, the surfside retreat for athletes, corporate meetings and beach weekend or vacation getaways, has art in its veins. It just doesn't offer much original, world class art for gallery viewing or purchase.  One of the best opportunities to see great art in Huntington Beach is the faculty/student art show at Golden West College. Though it's a two year community college, Golden West draws on the talents of great artists known and recognized not just for teaching, but for thinking and creating. For art vacations, the best place to stay and see art is the Hyatt or Hilton.






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