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Huntington Beach Art Programs, Artists and Art in Public Places - Photos and Information

Huntington Beach--Outdoor Art in Huntington Beach includes paintings, murals, sculptures, tiles, benches and more. Most have been commissioned and a few were donated. Ranging in a span from around the early 1970's to current, the art pieces are mostly sculptures and tiles that can withstand damp ocean climates.  Most pieces were commissioned, though several have been free donations. While Huntington Beach has had an art board for decades, it lacks the influence of boards in cities such as Santa Barbara and Long Beach, keeping their cities free from junky banners draped over the Main Streets. As times change and the city becomes more discerning, surely taste will prevail. For now, Huntington Beach maintains that small town look and feel people cling to and enjoy.

When you mention art, the first Orange County city to come to mind is Laguna Beach, of course. From beautiful boutique galleries with apprenticeship programs such as the Studio Arts Gallery to the Art Walk, Art Affair and Sawdust Festival and Pageant of the Masters, there's no other Orange County city providing such offerings for tourists.

What you need to know when visiting the likes of Huntington Beach is that there are many talented, world recognized artists that come from this city.  Unfortunately, the marketing bend focused on surfing and youth culture doesn't really fund and support the audience that flies into California to purchase fine art. Perhaps that time will come. But for now, you can certainly wander around the city to enjoy the pop art, the surf-themed sculptures, statues, and local art centers, where gems exists seasonally, depending on what's showing. It's interesting that throughout time there have been galleries opened in the city that had potential to build upon. But each of those venture closed doors because the sales weren't strong enough.

One art gallery gem that does stand out is located at a hotel. Located at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa is a fine arts gallery featuring contemporary California art and sculpture.  holds one of the largest collections of Todd White art, who is known for his abstracts of Hollywood celebrities.  If you not seen Todd White's works, do go by the gallery and take a look. Prices on these gems begin in the low thousands.

Here are some of the public art highlights:

Huntington Beach Art Center
The art gallery is open to the public, free of charge. Location:
538 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California  92648.   Call: 714-374-1650. Closed Monday & Tuesday. Available for special events rental.

Huntington Beach Banner Art
Huntington Beach banners with a logo used by the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau promotes the oceanfront city with palm trees, umbrellas, waves and birds. The banners can be seen mostly in the downtown region (subject to change). Many were removed along Beach Boulevard.

Poets Table, 1998

Artist: Terry Schoonhoven
Ceramic tile mural of coastal life
Location: Pier Plaza, adjacent to the pier

Ultimate Challenge, 1976

Artist: Edmond Schumpert
Bronze sculpture of a surfer on a wave
Location: The intersection of Huntington Street and PCH

Surf Circle, Sounds of the Sea, 2002

Artist: Howard and Kathleen Meehan
Multimedia sculpture
Location: The intersection of Beach Boulevard and PCH

Shorebirds, 1976

Artist: Group
Tile Mural Collection of Bird Themed Art (Audubon Society and Wetlands)
Civic Center
Location: The intersection of Main Street and Yorktown

Dancing Lady, 1977

Artist: Margaret Inez Owings
Bronze sculpture
Location: Central Library & Cultural Center

Duke Kahanamoku

Life-sized statue of the surfing legend
Location: The Surfers' Hall of Fame, PCH and Main Street

Dive In

Artist: Donna Billick
Ceramic tile mural depicting the ocean-influenced lifestyle of Huntington Beach
Location: Marine Safety Education Center, near Pacific Coast Highway and 1st Street