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Sunset Boulevard Vacation Picture Gallery Image from photograph shows cars driving

Everybody wants to see Hollywood, Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard when they visit L.A. These are street names and places that carry weight and are the must-see's on your vacation. When driving along Sunset Boulevard, the idealized glitz and glam you may imagine falls short in the real world. There are lots of cars, lots of traffic, billboards, telephone poles, urban noise, and some nice touches such as rows of mature, stately palms.

In the image gallery picture above, the photo was taken in daylight, then manipulated with photo filter software using effects such as glowing edges to darken the sky and highlight the palm trees. The use of filters helped reduce the "noise" that you'll see driving along one of Hollywood's boulevards. Noise includes billboards that can be entertaining, but they're mostly obtrusive. The billboards, while following trends found in China and other nations where even office buildings can be used for advertising, offer mostly images of new shows or movies being launched, and many times the dog films that struggle to gain popularity.

So when driving along the boulevard, you may see filming and maybe even a celeb in a car somewhere, but what you'll definitely see lots of cars, busy streets and the urban pollution we mentioned earlier such as above ground telephone and electrical poles and wires, billboards jutting out in every direction, and a mix of elegant and not-so-lovely buildings.