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Two Beach Eats in Hermosa for Your Saturday Morning


What are you doing this Saturday? Why not take a drive to Hermosa Beach? Greet the seagulls, beachcombers and surfers with a smile and dig the beach vibe in this South Bay sanctuary of coolness.


We recently drove to Hermosa for a breakfast and a little beach stroll and really enjoyed that time of day before things become too crowded. Being travel writers and food critics, we didn't satisfy ourselves to dine at one cafe, however. Asking locals what they recommend, several answers came up, so we tried them both.


I called my friend Callie and asked her when she could be ready to go. Hermosa is a good hour's drive from my home, and she said she could make it by 8 a.m. Right on time, outside my door and sipping her coffee, there was Callie.


Our first stop was a cafe called Good Stuff located along a plaza of restaurants and shops near the beach. The weather was sunny and the tables were filled at the outdoor patio that overlooks the beach, but we decided to wait nevertheless.


Callie loves her eggs so stuck with a traditional omelet, while I opted for some spice with a breakfast burrito that included chicken chili verde. It was very tasty, and served hot like I like it. Reminiscent of another beach cafe I frequent in Huntington Beach called Sugar Shack, this Hermosa restaurant that wears its name well sells so much food during breakfast and lunch that it's able to shutter its doors before the sun goes down.


Coffee was decent, the food was hot & tasty with generous portions, and the highlight of this spot is the action on the beach. Believe it or not, people were out there jogging and playing volleyball at some nearby nets in view of the al fresco dining. Location: 1286 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA. (310) 374-2334.


We weren't very hungry by the time we were ready to check out the next cafe on our list referred to us by a cute guy who looked like a movie star strolling past us.  But we took on a strategy that by walking, we'd have an appetite re-ignited.


Martha's 22nd Street Grill also near the beach was certainly worth trying. This time around Callie and I agreed we'd be sharing one menu item between us and buy some side orders so the management wouldn't feel like we were taking up a table wastefully as the crowds congregated for a seat near the beach.  Located less than a block from the beach, Martha's 22nd Street Grill is a mouthful, but the food disappears far to fast if you go with an appetite. Again, you can sit outside on a patio (Hermosa's got this patio thing down pat), or you eat inside. No contest! We drove to the beach to soak up the vibe, so we waited about half an hour till a table opened up.


We ordered an egg dish again for comparison with Good Stuff cafe and both decided that it was close to a toss up, but Martha's won the prize. A $10 portobello benedict featured a tasty dijon sauce over portobello mushroom, grilled turkey, grilled spinach and eggs. It sounds a bit strange bit it was delicious!


Martha’s 22nd Street Grill, 25 22nd St., Hermosa Beach, CA. (310) 376-7786




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