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Grocery Checker Pushes Grocery Carts at Albertson's Seacliff Store, Huntington Beach, California


albertson's store
grocery cart
Huntington Beach, CA --The little things mean add up to one big thing. When you live your daily life at the California beaches, shopping for groceries may not be among your favorite tasks. Yet there are little things you may notice--little nuances that add up and make the life you live a bit more pleasant in retrospect.


One such experience is the routine of stopping on your way home from work, the beach, or other outings to buy groceries. The Albertsonn's store, (once called Boy's Market), is busy with shoppers in a hurry on most afternoons. The breeze from the ocean normally pushes through the parking lot of the store, and as you drive up, there's often a clerk out pulling the carts together and returning them to their spot at the store's entrance.


Since the store is across the street from Huntington High and also across from City Hall, a fair amount of traffic hits the mall at lunch time and after school or the city hall crowd leaves their work day.  Stepping out of your car into the breezy, ocean air, you can't help but feel that this hill where the store sits is one special spot.


In contrast, the interior of the store is filled with crowds, carts, people, food and lots of flurry. Many are in a hurry and as you turn each bend with a cart, you have to beware of the rush hour traffic passing through the aisles. People don't like to spend time in the store as they are eager to either get home, to ball practice or the beach. Who can blame them?

But outside in the parking lot you'll find a store clerk moving at slower paces, collecting carts and putting them back. It's a familiar site, and one that makes you glad that you live by the beach where the sweet breeze blows, the sun shines nearly all the time, and your shopping transactions are rewarded with being outside again.


Located on a hill above the beach is the Seacliff Shopping Center. It is pretty much a strip mall with approx. 10 restaurants: McDonalds, Pick Up Stix, Starbucks, Del Taco, Oggi's Italian, Baja Fresh, a Subway, Greek, Italian and Asian fast food restaurants, etc.


Location: Located on Yorktown with Golden West & Main Streets bounding the shopping mall

Distance to the beach: 1.5 miles down Golden West Street: 2 miles down Main Street

Favorite Seacliff Restaurant: Oggi's

Favorite Coffee: Starbucks in Albertson's (same as the Starbucks store,  but you save 50 cents on some drinks.

Gas: A bit more expensive

Parking lot: Usually can find parking near a store, always having to watch for traffic. There are a couple odd turns with right-of-ways, lots of SUV's backing up and creating blind spots. When school lets out, just bring patience.

Most unusual: Becker Skate, Surf

Fast food drive through: two options are Del Taco and McDonald's

Pretty good: Staples offers many needed computer items and the prices are usually reasonable

Banks: Several

Books: No

Entertainment: Sports bar in Oggi's

Pets: Large pet store

Gifts: Hallmark card shop is as good as it gets

Salon: Hair; tanning

Hotels: Closest hotels are on Beach Blvd. and at the Beach--Best Western Regency Inn; Best Western Huntington Beach Inn