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Erich Munzner with Good Fortune Band Orange County California


Erich Munzner and the Good Fortune Band offer original tunes, a fresh sound and top execution and delivery with crisp drumming and hot guitars in a band made up of seasoned musicians from Orange County California.


Eric Munzner and Good Fortune Band are Blowin' My Mind.


With songs such as Less Time to Live, Seeing Things, Blowin' My Mind, Addicted to You and Surrender, and Orange County band comprised of world class musicians is outta sight, and almost too good to be playing the little dinner clubs where you can find them in Sunset Beach. But in this gold coast of music, you discover the reason that bars and clubs are so busy on a nightly and basis, and how they can keep a full music schedule going, regardless of the time or season.


Orange County is home to so many great musicians in the rock and indie scene that you'll be amazed to show up at even the smallest bars & clubs, greeted to top acts. Erich Munzner and the Good Fortune Band aren't necessarily known nationally or internationally, yet they easily could and should be. Such talent offers the insight that sometimes quality is more about exposure than being discovered.


Munzner's band, Good Fortune, for instance, is comprised of musicians who've been there and worn the t-shirt, so to speak. Take drummer Rick Elliott. The former drummer on tour around the world with Walter Trout will tell you abuot the crowds, sold-out concert halls, adoring fans, and endless accolades. Walter Trout has consistently be chosen as the top blues artist internationally. Elliott's drumming had to be precise, creative, and in a word, beyond excellent. That's what kind of experience Elliott brings into the Good Fortune Band.


Then there's Hank Van Sickle. He's a hot bass player who's known in the world of rock & blues. Van Sickle also performs and travels with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.


Also playing bass is Kevin Cash, another performer who really gets it right.


While the video shows the Erich Munzner Good Fortune Band performing a standard song, the band has its own CDs with original music that showcases Munzner's voice. Visit their website to listen to additional songs.