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Corona del Mar is the Crown of the Sea


If you know about Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, then you may also have heard about Corona del Mar, a region of Newport Beach. Its hidden coves have been used in show such as Gilligan’s Island, and it once claimed fame as the surfing capital of Southern California (before they build jetties).


Today, you can wander down to those coves and watch teens having a picnic, complete with guitar strumming and a basket of goodies. An entertaining element of the coves are the rock climbers, practicing their moves before they head for the nearby mountains.


On a sunny day, you can enter from the Corona del Mar beach parking lot, or park on the  hill above and wander down the stairs, or a steep paved path at Inspiration Point. In just a few minutes time, you’ll feel like you escaped L.A. on a trip to some far away place. It really is a gem, at minimum, but I like to think of it is the crown jewel of Orange County beaches.





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