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Comfort Suites Huntington Beach


Comfort Suites Huntington Beach hotel rooms description is pretty basic. The room is a bed, bathroom, and a small partition (could have been removed that since we've been there) that separates the bed from a small sofa and TV to watch. There's also a small table for two with two chairs.


There are suites, and then there are suites..  What's called a room at Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey may qualify as a suite based on square footage at Comfort Suites Huntington Beach. It's the smallest suite you can possibly get and still call it a suite, in my thinking. I may get railed for saying this but it is true. The room - suite, isn't exceptionally large or roomy. Yet, it offers a sofa, table and bed all snuggled into a space that allows guests to do a little bit more than just sleep. Who could complain? Someone with more money to spend seeking fine accommodations would not find the size of this suite to their liking. But you could be talking about a difference of $100 upwards for such space. 


Hotel rooms are constantly undergoing renovation. You get a new comforter or bedspread, new carpets, new beds as the old ones start to show their wear.  Comfort Suites room decor is fine.  It is clean looking, neutral to pleasing tones and not offensive with the cheap-looking flowery print spreads that so many hotels in a similar price range have to cover up the soil and other offenses. The room is not too works for both male and female tastes. The quality of furniture is durable, not designer. The bathroom likewise is clean, tidy and nothing special. It suits most people's needs and that's what it is all about, my friend.


The long and short of this place is that it satisfies family vacationers seeking affordable hotels, it serves weary business travelers who only go to the room to sleep and do a little work, and it satisfies the needs of teams coming from all over the nation to compete in sports, and not seeking luxury digs. It's next to the freeway for quick access to all of Southern California, next to shopping, dining and the beach is approx. 5 miles down Beach Boulevard. You can actually hop on an OCTA bus and get a ride for just over $1 each way. The beach day parking is around $10 - 15 so you'd save a lot of money if you are on a budget.



Take I-405, Exit onto Beach Boulevard South to Hotel


Features and Amenities
   Free Limited Breakfast
   Free Parking
   Handicapped Accessible Rooms
   Non-smoking Rooms
   Outdoor Pool
   Heated Pool
   Meeting Facilities
   Banquet Facilities