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Pismo Beach Classic California Beach is Top Choice of Travelers

surfing for baby boomers
surfing for baby boomers

What Makes Pismo Beach a Classic? Are all California Beaches Classic?

Suzen Brasile, Executive Director of Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau
www.ClassicCalifornia.com 800-443-7778

There's not a soul around the Central Coast who would be able to answer this question better than Suzen Brasile. She lives and breathes the Pismo Beach salt-sea air as she has done for most of her life. She met her sweetheart as a high school kid and after she married, raised her children in Pismo Beach.


Pismo Beach is all about generations. Some families in the region trace their roots back to five generations or moree!


Unlike many destination management organizations where "outsiders" are hired through job interviews to come in with a fresh new look (and lack of history or understanding of a place), Suzen represents the city and region she knows, almost as well as the back of her hand...well maybe she knows it even more.


So why do you think Pismo Beach was selected the People’s Choice #1 CA Central Coast Destination, Suzen?


Oh, that's going to be hard to answer. But let's see what she has to say. "Pismo Beach is a beautiful vacation destination because of the long, gorgeous coastline, clean air and small town feel and its central location on Highways 101 & 1. What California was, Pismo Beach still is!"

Brazel said that when people hear the name, Pismo Beach, what's conjured up in their minds are images of walking on the beach, the famous pier, surfers of all ages and ethnic origins, great clam chowder, cool temperatures in the summer and shopping at Prime Outlets. But what Brazel and locals know as full time residents of the quintessential beach town is that Pismo Beach has a small town feel. Residents and shop owners are REAL people, REAL friendly and will often go out of their way to help a customer or visitor. Pismo Beach is a cozy beach town where you can do many activities on any given day or do nothing at all and have a great time.

About Pismo Beach: There are over 8,500 residents (and growing), and most started as tourists. An estimated 2 million annual visitors come to Pismo Beach and the Pismo Beach State Park, or Oceano Dunes. With annual surfing contests, hummer tours in the dunes, sea kayaking tours, migrating Monarch butterflies, June car show, clam festival, and Art in the Park at Dinosaur Caves Park, Pismo Beach has fun.

For instance, a typical year kicks off with the  Pismo Beach guided tours through the Monarch Butterfly Grove,  Polar Plunge on St. Patrick’s Day, Pismo Beach Kite Expo for kite boarding enthusiasts in April and then the launch into summer.  June's annual car show is truly a Classic event. July celebrations include 4th of July fireworks at the pier, live music and a busy beach crowd.  August events that round out the calendar include St. Anthony’s Celebration to honor the cultural contribution of the area’s Portuguese descendents with a parade, food and fun.


Fall is Classic California's special time. If you've not visited the Central Coast, September through December  are months that are rare treasures. Fall harvests invite visitors and locals to enjoy apples, wine tasting and a variety of activities and foods.  Clam Festival (over 60 years young), is synonymous with the name, Pismo, a type of clam. Jubilee Dixieland Jazz Festival is a treat and a 30+ year tradition for this beach city.  November hosts the State Marching Band Review and Veteran’s Celebration. And with the beach hotels that overlook the California Coast on the West Coast of the United States, guests get an added bonus. Many times they can look out from hotel view rooms to sea pods of dolphins frolicking off-shore, or watch the huge migrating whales making their trek between Alaska and South America.

While tourism makes up a huge part of the economy for Pismo Beach with a large number of hotels, restaurants, and shops selling everything from art to beach gear, locals continue to support the economy. Pismo Outlet attracts travelers passing by, and residents from the Central Coast all the way from Santa Barbara to San Simeon.

When asked why Suzen Brasile thinks  Pismo Beach is a Classic California town, she states (with a gleam in her eye and smile) that  Southern California beach towns used to be like Pismo Beach is today. Buildings remain true, values and safety are key issues that Pismo Beach continues to cling to and love. You can tell when she talks about this that the tourism professional is selling more than a destination. Somehow you get the feeling that even if she weren't working at the Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau, Suzen Brasile would still be touting the charms of this Central Coast beach city that is so special to her, and all her staff that consider their job of promoting the destination as much more than a job. 


To get information about visiting Pismo Beach, call the Visitor Information Center at 866-GoPismo for a FREE guide or hotel information. You can also call the Conference & Visitors Bureau for your next wedding, family reunion, or business conference at 805-773-7034. www.classiccalifornia.com