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Avalon Ballroom and Catalina Island Bay

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Catalina Island's Walking Tours of the Island includes a stroll along the Avalon Ballroom Walkway to the Ballroom Tours, Movies and Museum


Shown above is a photo of a senior couple walking with the sun hats on at Catalina Island's Avalon. They walk at a decent pace along the paved path that passes along the waterfront from downtown to the ballroom. This photo above is an actual picture that became more art-like through application of a filter via some photo software.  The grass in the initial picture was slightly barren in spots, so the filter flattened the brown spots so they look smoother and more pleasant. The filter as applied to the water was actually erased quite a bit because the water contained a busy pattern all on its own without need of filter exaggeration. The aqua-green painted rails held their own and looked surreal with or without a filter. The filter worked its magic best on boats, giving them more of a painted look, and the folks walking. The woman's huge patterned shirt and pants were too noticeable, and the filter toned them down quite a bit.  The name of the filter used was called Dry Brush.


26 Miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a waiting for me. Santa Catalina, the island of romance, romance, romance. Once you arrive by boat or fly in on a helicopter to Catalina Island, your feet quickly become your best friends. Whether you like to walk or not, the island is one of the best spots to get those feet moving. You don't simply arrive on Catalina Island and have a car rental at your access. Cars are limited, so you need to think "walk". It's great to rent a golf cart on arrival and do an overview tour (save money by renting 3 hours instead of 1). But even with a cart, you'll want to stop and take photos or see some interesting sights such as the Wrigley Gardens.  And there's a great walk along the oceanfront and bay that leads past a plaza where most the shops and dining are located. Stop there to enjoy the tiled fountains. Then continue on by foot to the Avalon Ballroom shown above. If you don't walk, you'll miss some really cool tile murals visible only along this walkway.


Walking is an enjoyable activity in new places with new faces. It's healthy and will make you happy if you have chosen comfortable shoes (please do). 


How do you make your way to a romantic day? What you quickly learn on the island is that romance is a state of mind. You can be a kid or adult, happy as a lark. There's a magic on this island in its beauty, its natural lands, its hikes, golf cart rides, and all that mesmerizes on this glistening, glowing daytrip to paradise.


Where ya' gonna stay on the Island? There are few chain hotels. Most are independently owned. Here's the list of those you can book and with few exceptions, you'll most often find availability in the biggest property, Catalina Canyon Resort, the only full service property on the island. Complimentary van shuttle is provided to the boat landing.


Got your ride to the island? You're going to require a ticket to get a ride. And some days they sell out. So it's best to buy ahead and reserve your seat. You can depart from Newport Beach , Long Beach or Dana Point










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