Catalina Island and Avalon Vacation Picture Gallery Images


catalina island avalon pictures


26 miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is the island that awaits vacationers ready for a diversion like no other. Shown in the artistic images above, we've taken many Avalon vacations on Catalina Island. Some are just day trips (most are, in fact) and some can be overnighters but whatever your pleasure, this island of romance swells from its few thousand populations to triple that as visitors arrive mostly by boat or cruise ship to enjoy the pleasures of the Southern California seacoast.


The friends we have on the island are good-natured, grounded folks. They own regular passes to get them to the mainland often, and they seem to wear a smile the most. Life on the island certainly has its charms. Some say there's such a thing as island fever (meaning you go stir-crazy after a while), but on most visits to Catalina's Avalon for vacation trips, you'll only feel joy and a longing to linger just a while longer.


That's the perfect place! The one that makes you wish for more.  To get to Catalina requires a boat trip which takes about one hour from Southern California's port cities or harbors: Newport Beach, Dana Point and Long Beach.  Two ship operators offer daily service round trip to the island, though the one out of Newport Beach only goes once per day as does the other operator's boat out of Dana Point. But from Long Beach, you can choose between many trips during the day, so you are not forced to make the 9 to 5 trip offered out of Newport Beach (near Balboa Pavilion).


We'll tell you more about these photographs turned graphics as you view them. This special gallery features vacation photos that we applied filtration to and turned into artistic designs that are more abstract. Enjoy!