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On a hill in Catalina's Avalon stood a rugged cross. It's a real surprise when driving your rental golf cart through the Catalina Island roads and pit stops to discover the cross sitting on a hill. Not far from it are stunning views. Visitors to the island like to rent golf carts for one-to-three hours during a daytrip stay. A cart will get you to most the island attractions within several hours, and will include many stops such as this cross-stop along the way.  Some favorite tour stops include visits to the Wrigley Gardens and lunch at the Country Club on the hilltop. It is open to the public and the food is probably some of the best on the island.


Notice the landscape in the photo above (which was originally an actual photograph), is very dirt-like and rusty colored.  The landscape of Catalina's Avalon is somewhat barren or dusty in appearance much of the year when it hasn't rained in the semi-desert climate.


Avalon, in fact, had a scare no more than a few years ago when the island was evacuated from fires that some believed were caused by lightning. Did it hurt tourism? A crew member on one of the island transport boats said the fires had the opposite effect, attraction more tourists than ever. Their remembrances of trips to Avalon were jaunted by the news scenes broadcast from Catalina, and many felt drawn to go visit the fires were put out.


Brush exists on the island because much of the land is held in a trust for preservation, and the environment offers a natural setting that can be seen on hikes and tours during your visit.





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