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Capitola Seagull Sits on Wooden Rail on Capitola Wharf California


seagull on wharf
capitola seagull

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    Capitola-by-the-Sea is a scenic city located on the Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County, approximately 70 miles south of San Francisco and 35 miles north of Monterey.


    Seagulls along the California coast live simple lives. During their spring breeding season, you'll find them primarily on islands west of the mainland as close as a few miles or as far as several hundred miles away. It is in these safe harbors that they are able to lay eggs and hatch them with few predators.


    Once large enough to take wing and fly away, the seagulls find plenty of food along the Pacific Coast in special places such as Capitola by the Sea. The birds especially enjoy wharfs where bait is sold, fishing occurs (California piers permit free fishing), and fishing boats return from trips with catch of the day.


    The Capitola wharf is not only a fantastic place to visit, to linger, and to sit and soak up the local color. From seagulls, to sailboats, kayakers and occasional dolphins or whales seen in the distance, Capitola wharf is set just far enough away from the small streets and shops that it offers a peaceful, somewhat quiet setting.


    Several outdoor tables and chairs are offered for restaurant guests buying a soda, coffee and sandwiches or snacks at the wharf restaurant. The next time you're driving through Santa Cruz county coastal area and you happen to be near Santa Cruz, just a few miles south is where you'll discover Capitola.


    In addition to many shops, dining and things to see and do, you won't want to miss the annual festival that's as fun and colorful as anything on earth. Be sure to plan your trip for the Begonia Festival.