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Capitola Photos & Information, Capitola, California
Santa Cruz Visitors:  800-833-3494 Capitola Chamber: 831-475-6522 

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    The picture above shows a man standing on the Capitola Wharf. His arms are folded and his head is turned right as he gazes to the hillside and houses next to the wharf entrance. A pigeon sits in the wharf water basin used to clean fish caught on this free California fishing pier.


    Capitola wharf is represented in an artistic manner in a photo that was actually a real picture transformed into art through use of digital manipulation. The cottages in the background that are painted bright colors look artistic in their own right, but they especially lend to an interpretation of a watercolor or acrylic style painting. No doubt this scene has been captured countless times by artists enjoying this very image and spot.


    For visitors to Capitola, the city is a mesmerizing place that glistens on a bay fronting the Pacific Ocean.  For those who have traveled California extensively, there's a section of homes along a river channel that flows to the sea and while the topography of the houses is not exactly the same, the style of houses are similar to those sitting on the channels and canals of Naples in Long Beach.