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Capitola Wharf California Vacation Guide | Picture Gallery Photo Art


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    Capitola wharf shown in the photographic image above has a gate that closes and locks presumably to keep people off when the pier is closed at night.


    Capitola Villagee's Capitola Wharf offers all the charm of the seaside city that captures the hearts of those who happen upon this quaint, picturesque town and linger. Some stay a lifetime, while most of us travelers only visit for a few hours or days. But once you find this spot, you'll probably agree it is one of the most scenic places to see on all the California coast.


    The Capitola Wharf shown in the digitally-manipulated picture above exemplifies what there is to love about Capitola. Look at the wrought iron entry with the name, "Capitola Wharf" spelled out between the frame of two layers of material. The decorative entrance creates perfect staging for your exploration of this pier or wharf that extends into the Pacific Ocean of Monterey Bay. Sailboats bob in their bay moorings and you'll usually see a seagull or two, perched on the wharf wood railings, watching the boats, the sea, and searching for their next great meal.




    Visitors and locals lazily stroll along the neatly lined wooden plank flooring of the pier, heading toward the scenic vistas at the end where benches offer a place to sit and look. You can also stop and get a soda, coffee or hot cocoa, and a sandwich or some fish at the wharf restaurant where you'll also find a bait and tackle / kayak rental shop.


    Life has its charm in Capitola by the Sea, a village south of Santa Cruz.  Sharing the same bays, ocean views and great surfing, Capitola is a a premier residential area out of reach to all but a few who can afford the mortgage on a cottage or oceanfront castle. Prices for modes off-water homes are just under $1 million and the prices rise from there to several million dollars or more.


    The best part about being a traveler is that you can enjoy the same great sea, great views and this beautiful wharf shown above. When you visit Capitola Wharf, take time to dine on the bay either on the wharf or at one of the cute restaurants over the bridge in downtown. Several sit along the bay and oceanfront offering awesome views that are priceless.




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