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Capitola Picture Gallery Downtown Shop Banner and Shopping


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    Capitola-by-the-Sea is one of the prettiest villages or cities you'll see along the California seaside. Colorful banners line the downtown streets in an artistic manner.


    The picture above was taken from a photograph which was enhanced with filters to create a stylistic image more like a painting than photo..  Little did we know when embarking on this endeavor and this Capitola gallery that the city is recognized for it love fine arts.


    Art events are held or hosted throughout the seasons but one of the most popular events occurs during the annual Begonia Festival, a colorful celebration of flowers, floats, boats and art, to name a few of its activities and contests. On a first-hand basis, one visit to Capitola captured our hearts and imaginations, and led to additional visits as the word spread about the quaint village that's right out of a story book.


    What's so special or different about Capitola? Take a look at the art image above. Notice the houses layered into the green hillsides overlooking downtown.  And the downtown, itself, includes colorful storefronts, a two-lane street, and tasteful art banners.


    A girl stands on the sidewalk in the picture above. You can see her back side. She looks fairly young, wearing a white skirt, jacket and bright pink shoes or sandals. It looks as if she's watching for other people, though probably not the two individuals walking away, seen also from their back sides.


    The manipulations to a normal photo of downtown shops in Capitola included darkening the cars and street, that were slightly cluttered in appearance and gave the feel of urban traffic, especially for their size (mostly large SUV's and a huge delivery truck sitting at an angle in the street.) Once we toned down the street by giving it pattern, and darkened the glaring Suburbans and other massive vehicles that are so popular among today's drivers, the street scene became a friendlier place and reflected how it feels to be standing on sidewalk, strolling and shopping by the sea in Capitola.