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Cambria Shops
Don't have a cow in SLO County
Cambria Shops

Indigo Moon

Moonstone Beach
The Tea Cozy









Cambria California Garden Shop Photo and Gardening Information


Cambria garden
cambria garden shed

Cambria, California, Gathering of the Gardeners combines one of the loveliest coastal vacations with a passion for gardening to make your life and surroundings just a little bit better. Throughout the year the gardens and garden shops make for a delightful visit to the Central Coast (San Luis Obispo County) destination located just a few miles south of the famous Hearst Castle. There's even a website called, offering a monthly schedule listing gardening lectures held all year long. Oceanfront tolerant gardens, habitat gardens and ornamental grasses are a few topics covered.


Cambria, just around the bend from the opulent hilltop Hearst Castle, is known for its rich ocean scenes accented by tall Monterey pine trees, foggy mists--and it is known for its gardens.


One of the paradise found locations, Cambria indeed seems like something out of a fairy tale. The grass seems greener, the sky bluer and the views are lavishly lush in the village where locals maintain their priorities. Gardening is one of the top activity for those with a green thumb.


And it's no surprise that you find garden shops abound, as do beautiful ocean-close gardens. So if gardening's your thing, there's a special event held each year in Cambria that you would certainly enjoy and benefit from.  One of our favorite road stops on those much-needed weekend getaways from Los Angeles is the  The Garden Shed, 2024 Main Street - Cambria, California 93428, Call: (805) 927.7654. Shown in the photo above, the garden items and plants create an inviting mood that makes you want to linger and plant some flowers.


When visiting Cambria, save some room in your car for a few plants, planters or cute garden items sold throughout.  town. And if you happen to make it to the annual garden events and seminars, you'll especially be energized and enthused about the like-minded people who gather to talk about gardens, plants and flowers.




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