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Camarillo Ranch Red Barn Photos |  Camarillo, California


camarillo ranch barn
camarillo ranch gardens

Scenes from Camarillo Ranch includes the bright red Camarillo Barn and gardens


When you drive down the shady lane to the Camarillo Ranch, a museum house in Camarillo, Calif. hardly visible from the Interstate 101 Highway, a colorful red barn greets you at the parking lot. The Camarillo Ranch is one of California's gems, a preserved house of Camarillo's founding family.


So out of place amongst new shopping centers and housing developments, the charm of the Camarillo Ranch makes it sought after as a wedding venue especially.


With special events throughout the year, docents clad in 19th century costumes lead guests through the historic house filled with artifacts, antiques, photos and memories of life over 100 years ago in the Central Coast region.


Open to the public most weekends, take the time to veer off the busy interstate to explore this treasure. We've taken many friends, travel writers, reporters, vacationers, and family members to this special place...and we don't live anywhere near Camarillo!


Each has said, "Thank you!" and mentioned surprise to find something so hidden and so nice.  We think you'll agree that the early days as seen through the eyes of the Camarillo family offers quite an appeal!