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Mixed Bag in Pot Pouri of Vacation Travel in California



For those ready to hit the road for some summer travel fun, California ranks number one among states in the U.S. for road trips. With over 1,000 miles of Interstate 5 connecting road warriors to adventure, it's time to begin planning your next adventure.


As summer getaways go, there's a rule in the travel industry. If you go in the summer, you're too late. Unfortunately, the 80% of Californians that do have jobs can't dictate when they take a vacation. But they can select a destination! And that's where the fun begins.


What to expect? Crowds will be part of your journey, no doubt.  But don't overlook the hidden holiday gems right under the nose of most Californians. We all know that week day stays at hotels offer greater availability in the summer months. Unfortunately, the prices are not being greatly reduced this year as hotels struggle to make up the difference in revenue between lost bookings (down as much as 60%) during the recession of 2009.


With some deals and soft spots in the armor to be found be sure to consider Monterey, Carmel and Pacific Grove for some great prices. We just saw Carmel Valley Ranch prices shoot up $50 but still at under $200, the price is right for resort living. Also in the bay area (Monterey Bay, that is), Lighthouse Lodge and Inn in Pacific Grove has rooms for under $100, no joke. Walking distance to the beach, there are deer that roam the grounds of the hotel, and a golf course next door. It's lovely!



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