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California Beach Vacation Guide Picture Gallery | Photo Art of Beach Vacations in California


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california vacation picture gallery
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California Vacation Picture Gallery--Pictures we take on our trips. California Beach Vacations are so literal, so real that you can almost reach and touch them when portrayed in an effective photo. Unfortunate for us artists with active imaginations, we sometimes stand in the actual scene and imagine what it could be, instead. This is a downfall of spending too much time in cyber-reality and not enough in actuality. So what would a creative type do when even our California beach vacation guide seems ho-hum? Spice it up, of course.


If you can't tell by looking, all pictures in this section were manipulated. They were all selected and filtered for effect. This gallery is for fun, pure and simple. It offers the usual information about each destination that we've done throughout the California beach vacation site, but the picture, itself, isn't quite right. It's not a "real" portrayal of what that beach, bird or tourist is. It's what we made up from what we saw and created on a computer in an office.


It's important to distinguish between fact and fiction, though the lines are blurring. We've seen many a talented PR spinmeister tell you something about a California beach, that upon closer look, isn't exactly true. We've seen once-prestigious media now take to blogging and have their own staff post comments, pretending like they are their respondents, just to beef up the ranks in search engines. And all this points to the reason we're dwelling on the topic of truth. The gallery on this page is taken from real photos. That is true. The photos have been changed to show colors and patterns that were never in the picture when the shutter was pushed. So for what this rose-colored California Beach Vacation Guide picture gallery is worth, just know that we make every effort to contain the manipulations within this gallery. The rest of the web site remains true to photojournalistic standards.