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Which California College to Pick When You Want to Take Surfing 101



If you're looking for Surf City, look to the northern and the southern California beach cities of San Diego and Santa Cruz. Two colleges top the nation's list as best beaches to surf when you're supposed to be studying. 


Of course, many schools have surfing teams, so if you pick your school right, you'll be able to fufill your passion while also hitting the books. The surfing sport hasn't quite reached scholarship status like football and basketball, however.


Top on the list was  The University of California, San Diego and second was UC Santa Cruz. Ranked tops because of its access to surf, most notably Black's Beach, its nationally ranked surf team, surf classes and collection of surfing professors and alumni put UC San Diego top on the list, the school announced Tuesday.




2. UC Santa Cruz

3. California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo

4. UC Santa Barbara

5. University of Hawaii

6. University of North Carolina at Wilmington

7. University of Rhode Island

8. Pepperdine University

9. Humboldt State University and the

10. Florida Institute of Technology



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