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Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Beach!


When I moved to California, I will never forget my first St. Patrick's Day. The temperature at the beach was around 80 degrees and everyone ditched work and school to sunbathe at the beach. As the day wore into evening, I drove to Newport Beach and was amazed that people lined up outside the little bars and pubs, just to get in and socialize...and drink.


This year, I've studied the California St. Patrick's Day happenings and have discovered that throughout the state people congregate at little pubs. A band is kind of a draw to get more people to your bar, unless you have cash prizes for contests such as the Sexy Leprechaun. In one club that advertised this event, a girl wore covering the size of fig leafs to cover the nipples on what was otherwise showing perfectly melon shaped breasts.  Her lower parts were, again, covered by something the size of a fig leaf. I am guessing that the bar will do quite well with the promise of skin and pretty girls.


In fact, another nearby Irish bar is hosting a similar event with a bigger cash prize...$500 instead of $300.


There are several parades throughout the state on this St. Patrick's Day, and thousands or millions of Irish beers served. There will be lots of people wearing green, wishing each other well, and probably some bar fights to end the night after many will drink too much.

So for those who are just looking for a low-key day and evening of fun, your best bet is to go early in the day to your favorite pub, then swing by the market and bring home your favorite, whiskey, or something to your liking (such as milk).


I will check out the beach and see if there are many sunbathers basking in the glow of an approaching summer. The warmer days are ahead, so I don't expect it to be too busy on the beach this year.



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