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No Beach Out of Reach for California's Marines


The Marines from the THUNDERING 3rd took to the mean beaches of Huntington Beach, California this morning to promote their 3/1 battalion, and help the local Orange County beach community get in shape, get inspired, and run for a fund-raising effort.


Because of the Daylight Savings time change that happened at 2 a.m. in the morning, it was a rough day to wake up to, as we lost an hour by moving the clock forward. Former Huntington Beach mayor, Dave Sullivan, described the event on video. The Marines from the 3/1 at Camp Pendleton were adopted by the City of Huntington Beach via a proclamation of the City Council in April 2005.


The 3rd Battalion / 1st Marines, stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA need support as their pay is low and families often struggle to get by. Huntington Beach 3/1 Marines Foundation was formed to help the soldiers by helping out in emergencies, sending packages to the field, creating welcome Home activities, providing an annual 4th of July Picnic and many more activities and projects. The 3rd Battalion / 1st Marines – The "Thundering Third!"appreciates the help they receive.


You are invited to join in, whether you live in Huntington Beach or not. Often supported by corporate sponsors such as the Hilton Waterfront Resort & Hyatt Regency Resort (both owned by the Robert Mayer Corp.), community involvement and tireless efforts of a corps of volunteers such as Cindy Cross PR and others have made this organization a success. 





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