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When the store in Huntington Beach named California Greetings launched in early 2003, the locals were delighted. Located in Downtown Huntington Beach just three blocks from the Pacific Ocean, this new venture from entrepreneurs who previously owned a store in Belmont Shore (Long Beach), just seemed to resonate with locals from Huntington Beach and tourists visiting.


The secret to the store, according to its co-founder Joe Shaw, was to find unique beach themed items at affordable prices, and continuously introduce new products onto the shelves. Very few products have a shelf life of more than a year in the store.  Building the business into a solid and high performing shop in the downtown tourist region, Shaw and his partner sold it several years ago.


In a "Good News" story, one of the employees at the store was able to finance the purchase of the business with a partner, and now operates California Greetings in a similar manner to the original model that Shaw introduced.


Owner Debbie Moussafir worked for Shaw several years before acquiring the business, and was able to observe what people liked and didn't. She took mental note on the comments and also took one of Shaw's best salespersons into the new venture with her.


Today California Greetings celebrates over 6 years in Huntington Beach and also recently celebrated the announcement that it was the People's Choice in a popular newspaper reader's poll. For the 2nd year in a row, shoppers have declared this store a favorite.


What's in the store? Silly gift cards, quality greetings cards, locally-focused books, t-shirts, baby clothes, adult souvenirs and humor items, tropical themed housewares, beach shoes, collectibles, a line of fragrance and body products, candles, and art you can hang on your wall.


Constantly being approached to represent a new artist or vendor, the store buyer is selective in what sits on the shelves or hangs on a wall,  but the owner and staff enjoy promoting local artists and their goods. Knowing what will sell and what won't, Moussafir occasionally tries out a new item just to learn whether shoppers will buy it or not.


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