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California Gondola Rides Pictures | Photos of Gondolas and Gondoliers

California Gondola rides can be simply charming. There are a handful of places that offer the gondola experience, and a variety of skilled gondoliers offering superb rides as guides. Some sing, though the purists tell us that in Italy singing is not part of the gondola experience in the authentic ride.


When a reporter from Naples, Florida contacted us through our site recently to do a comparative study of the Naples experiences nationally for a feature story, we were only too happy to share our knowledge of the gondola rides in Naples, California. That's where our reporters learned about California gondola rides. Many years later, we have tried numerous gondola companies and bay locations. Looking back, one of our favorites continues to be Naples (Long Beach), because they offer the vessels that can carry up to 14 passengers for a party. We've thrown a few gondola ride birthday parties and celebrations during the years and developed some friendships with some gondoliers.


It was great news to learn that our Naples favorites, Tyson and Tim, launched their very own gondola biz called Sunset Gondolas in Sunset / Huntington Beach. We've learned a lot from these two gents, and what stands out is their knowledge of the profession, respect for their clients, and hard work, sometimes steering up to 10 tours per day!  That's a lot of muscle.


In analysis of the California Gondola ride, there are several things you should know:

!. Gondola rides in California are worth the price! Go for it.

2. Don't save it for romance. Take a gondola ride for birthdays, Christmas lights, parties, or treat yourself to a getaway that will melt your cares away.

3. Tips are important to these guys. So factor in a tip when you chart your trip.

4. Bring your, wine, etc. They can set it up for you. But they also allow you to design your own experience. Very nice for perfectionists!

5. What if you propose and she or he says "NO"? You've paid for the ride, so you may want to hold the proposal for later in the ride. On rare occasion, a proposal has fallen through...very rarely, say our gondoliers.


Gondola Adventures
3101 West Coast Hwy
Newport Beach CA 92663


Gondola Get-Away
E. Ocean Blvd, Naples
Long Beach CA

Gondola Co Of Newport
3404 Via Oporto
Newport Beach CA
949-675-1212 Gondola Romance
3412 Via Oporto
Newport Beach CA


Gondola Company - San Diego gondola features rides in the San Diego Bay.
4000 Coronado Bay Road
Coronado/San Diego CA

Sunset Gondola
16370 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach CA 92649


Gondola Servizio
568 Bellevue Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610


Gondola Amore
The Riviera
Redondo Beach, CA 90277