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AVP Beach Volleyball Launched with sex, sizzle, and hopefully sales!


When AVP recently released its new batch of print, Internet and billboard ads for the upcoming Association of Volleyball Professionals season, all I could do was laugh, remembering the uprising a few years back as the ladies were asked to wear g-strings during their games. Of course Misty May Trainor and the other pros have some of the most fit, trim bodies you'll find on the beach. But to wear a string? It was too much to ask even the most dedicated volleyball player.


Now showing buttocks, chests and muscular body parts, the new ads from the newly-selected Torrance, Calif. agency, Project Design, is trying to lure in newcomers to the sport by grabbing their attention. But, can they get them to pay $20 for a ticket to watch a volleyball game?


AVP has gone through several revamps, trying to make their national tour pay off, but it hasn't been easy. They almost pulled out of Huntington Beach a year ago when they balked at the idea of giving away seating for free. While the California Coastal Commission sets guidelines about free public access to beaches & beach events, I was told by a City of Huntington Beach employee that AVP is able to skirt the rules because of the time in which they host their tournament.


It is held in May, not considered peak season, so that makes it OK to charge for seating, apparently. In HB where people are used to getting things free, the attendance at last year's tourney was great on the pier, but in the paid seating, it wasn't so hot. Beach Volleyball is quite popular in California, so it's a surprise that more don't want to pay to watch these great athletes. It's not on the beach, but the first event will be held Apr. 17-19 in Riverside. See the full AVP Schedule




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