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California Beach Romance for the Romantic in You!

The photos above inspired an exercise in romance writing with the subject California beach romance.


Every girl needs a guy to caress as the sun sets. And what woman could resist a sexy guy like Brad Masters with his rock-hard physique and velvet skinn? The surfer spends his life in the ocean, but when he leaves the beach at night, he becomes all mine. I met him at Lover's Point  when visiting my girlfriend in California this summer. We swore we'd never let it get out of hand. We both had plans--and they involved other people.  But when he pressed his firm body against mine and wrapped his arms around me, the flame that burned inside grew stronger.


Melting into each other as the sun faded over Catalina Island, Brad told me he wanted me to go there with him to retrieve a tucked away treasure. It was waiting to be opened and shared with the love of his life.  Romantic, tall and giving me his heart, at our feet was a valentine he drew in the sand with rocks, seashells and a tiny seaweed strand.  With tossed sandy curls and soulful blue eyes he gently pressed his lips on mine, our passion exploding.  "Love me," Brad said, his sweet breath inviting me in.


I ached for him.  The chemistry was explosive as our passions overwhelmed us with desire to taste, to touch, and give ourselves to each other in the final act of love.


My flight leaves tomorrow. Can I let this handsome man who makes me hurt with every fiber of my being wash away in the sand as I return to my old life? Or should I follow my passion and succumb to Mr. Masters, the man of my dreams?