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Oil Plan Threatens Southern California Beaches and entire US Coast!


How much do you love your California beaches? Audubon Society urges you to think about it and take action to protect their future with this information the nonprofit organization sees as a warning sign of possible deterioration. They are urging the public and groups to voice concerns against the plan at meetings in which Interior Secretary Ken Salazar listens in San Francisco and Anchorage.


Backgrounder: Former President Bush left a legacy of aggressive offshore drilling in a plan that targets virtually the entire U.S. coast for drilling three miles offshore. The plan threatens coastal areas throughout the United States and in California, puts at risk beaches in  Southern California including Santa Monica, Malibu, Orange County beaches, and La Jolla.


Secretary Salazar is extending the public comment period for 180 days and delaying any decisions until September on enacting the controversial plan. The Secretary stated his strong support for renewable energy, which may explain his efforts to put this last-minute Bush plan on hold.


Audubon hopes you'll speak out against the plan at the public hearing in San Francisco, CA. Thursday, April 16, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Robertson Auditorium, University of California at San Francisco.



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