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Shaping Up for California Beach Season


California beach vacations are in the air! It's that time of year again to start thinking about squeezing into a bikini and hitting the sand. Guys have it easy--swim styles for men no longer include the skimpy Speedos, but are baggy, loose, and full of room to disguise a few extra pounds.


If you are ready to shed your winter coat and excess weight, the beaches of Southern California can help you get in shape faster. In addition to boot camps at the beach, you can also go on vacation to get in shape with a number of do-it-yourself activities that allow you to go at your own pace.


Among the many exercise facilities, you'll find free volleyball nets at most beaches, sidewalks for bicycles, skating and jogging, and at places such as Venice's Muscle Beach, even some weight lifting equipment.


Meet-ups are become a popular way to connect for a common cause, be it a fundraiser or beach exercise. One example is a group of Walkers formed in Del Mar in Feb. 2009. With upcoming walks planned, you can check out your schedule and see


In Seal Beach, Calif., a recently formed group of like-minded ladies who like to spike invite others to sign up and meet them for a game of volleyball. While volleyball is one of the easiest beach sports to join in without an invitation (just ask if you can play), it's nice to know that there are some options for you the next time you plan a beach vacation.  Hotels such as San Diego's Hilton Beach Resort offer sand volleyball courts on the property, in addition to bicycles, kayaks, sailboats, ping pong, tennis and a putting green.  San Diego has a number of hotels with such rentals, including Catamaran Resort, Hotel del Coronado, and Loews Coronado Bay Resort.


In Orange County you'll find similar amenities in Newport Beach's Balboa Inn, Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Hilton Waterfront Huntington Beach.

Los Angeles County's Long Beach Hyatt features rentals galore, and further north in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Santa Monica, you'll have plenty of bikes to ride, sand games and healthy strolls along the strand.


One of the most mellow beach vacations at Oxnard's Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach includes sand volleyball courts, surrey bike rentals and skates.

Travelers have discovered in recent years that getting away doesn't have to be a sacrifice. Just book your trip, and meet-up with some similar sports enthusiasts, or wait till you arrive at your destination, and instead of heading for the TV in your hotel room, get out and start you work-out regimen.



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