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Easter at the Beach!


It's that time of year that the kids look forward to. Easter is a religious event, but lots of kids just celebrate the rights of spring through a variety of themes their parents introduce them to. While we've expanded our list of Earth Day events, we've also added an Easter Egg Hunt section.


Among the thousands of community egg hunts, bunny visits and mall photo ops, there are a few that are really funny such as the Adult Easter Egg Hunt (flashlight hunt at night) in Yorba Linda, home to Nixon Library.


If you are an adult or kid and just want to get out and act like a kid, don't think you have to be little to do so. Another great attraction I visited and enjoyed was the train ride at Irvine Park Railroad. Adults ride the little train, too, but just be patient with the younger kids. If you don't like children, this is not the place for you. The train decks out for the various holidays ranging from Easter to Halloween and Christmas, but it's also a great little ride to learn about this beautiful Orange County, California historic park.


I will check out the beach and see if there are many sunbathers basking in the glow of an approaching summer. The warmer days are ahead, so I don't expect it to be too busy on the beach this year.



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