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Buena Park beaches - You'll think you're at the beach when you enter the gate at Knott's Berry Farms' seasonal Soak City USA splashing good-time experience. From the statue of a surfer riding a wave to the Bikini Clad girls painted on placards above dressing rooms, this easily could be the beach. The signs are all there.

In reality, you can have a Buena Park beach vacation by driving to the nearest beaches some 20 minutes by car along Beach Blvd. The home of Knottt's Berry Farm is just a hop-skip from Disneyland in Anaheim and from Huntington Beach down on the coast in westerly direction.

Tourists and vacationers have a hard time getting all their sight-seeing done when visiting California, the 8th largest economy, and a state unto itself. There are mountains, deserts, state parks, state beaches and some national parks all offering scenery not found anywhere on earth except in glorious California.

But by the numbers, beaches rank around the top attractions, next to Disneyland. So we pose the question? Why not have your theme park fun, and your beach sunburn as well?

For inland beach vacations in Buena Park, the only beach treatments you will find are the Soak City decor, some hotel decorations, and signage such as "Beach Boulevard", which is the biggest, clearest reminder that you are on street that connects to a beach.

When to go? Any time of year is fine. Soak City is closed during the winter months though it may open occasionally. Don't count on it for your winter splash. But do count on the beaches of Huntington Beach, open 365 days per year. Hours are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. at night and the beach parking lots do charge. You can always try to park your car on a residential street and walk to the beach. Best options for that are on the numbered streets north of the HB Pier, and the best time to find free parking is between Sep.15 and June 15.

Why stay in Buena Park for a beach vacation? We can offer at least three reasons, maybe more. Knott's Berry Farm is the biggest one. But on the same boulevard are several more--Pirates Dinner Adventure, and Medieval Times. These two dining experiences are really fun family events. I've enjoyed them by myself, too. With laughter, roaring, boo-ing at pirates and interactive audience participation, you become friends with your neighbors rather quickly.



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