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Bodega Artisans Coop Fine Arts Gallery, Bodega, California

artisans coop bodega
art objects at the artisan gallery in bodega

Bodega is a charming little town with some local interest shops and a coop of artist products. It's worth a stop on your trips along the northern California coast.

As luck would have it, I drove by this coop in Bodega on my trip exploring the northern California coast and the city, Bodega Bay. I found this fantastic hotel on the Internet, the Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa, and in one of my free-form road journeys simply made it a goal to arrive at this hotel one night. Beyond that, all plans were open. Arriving during a fog that's so typical of this region, I dined at a seafood restaurant on the misty bay and got to know a couple from nearby Rohnert Park. They were having cocktails and in a happy mood. They seemed to really like each other, something you don't always see in middle aged couples who've let the spark disappear.

After learning that I'd just missed Tipi Hedron, an actress whose role in Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds, put this lovely blonde on the map, I explored the town and discovered this fishing village wasn't just a getaway for the San Francisco crowd. It still retained an essence captured in that movie.

Leaving foggy Bodega Bay and heading east on windy Highway 1, I came up on this fantastic little town, right out of a film set, itself. I stopped my car and wandered into the Artisan Co-op shown in the photos above. The place was crowded and neatly cluttered with art glass, scarves, woven hats, and gift cards, as well as some jewelry. If you could focus, the treasures were really top quality gifts. The sun was shining just six miles inland from Bodega Bay in Bodega, and the open road ahead beckoned me to get back outside and keep on driving.

What I discovered about this artists' coop, however, is that you can shop online. And one gem that makes a great souvenir for those caught in the spell of Bodega Bay (like I was), is an artist's rendering by artist Annie Murphy Springer of The Birds school house. Bodega is home to the Potter School, better known as the schoolhouse in Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller. It is one of the most photographed and painted motifs in northern California and one of Annie's favorite subjects, the local resident of over 30 years states on her website, Her set of notecards is quite affordable, and makes a super gift for Hitchcock fans, or for those who love Bodega & Bodega Bay.

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