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Newport Beach offers best First Date


Newport Beach consistently ranks as the best place for a first date at Orange County beaches.


newport beach kids vacationConsistently selected as the best place for a first date at Orange County beaches (according to the viewer who contact us), what makes Newport Beach so perfect for this make-it-or-break-it meeting and courting ritual?


If you have to pick a spot to take someone on a first date, there are many places you could choose. But Newport Beach seems to offer most options in one location. From an upscale dinner with ocean views to a burger, fries and stroll on the beach with shoes in one hand, your date next to you, it is this diversity that is most valued for first dates. In addition to easy parking, lots of interesting shopping, dining, movies, and beaches, first-time daters like the low-key vibe, tucked away places you can kiss such as under the pier, local color at the Fun Zone and ferry, or fun activities that are affordable such as renting a rowboat, kayak or for more upscale wooing, even a gondola cruise.


The wind doesnn't blow quite as strong in Newport as in Huntington, also making for a more enjoyable experience as you stroll the pier with your date. Those are just a few reasons cited when guests were asked why they think Newport is the best choice. It seems to offer more activities for a variety of ages, price ranges and socio-economic backgrounds.  So in the OC, the TV hype may just be right. Maybe Newport Beach is the best choice for your first date.




Huntington Beach < Newport Beach > Laguna Beach



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