AVP Volleyball Season Heating Up



Is the sizzle gone? With Misty May Treanor on the mend from a Dancing with the Stars achilles tendon injury, and Keri Walsh 'preggers', how is the 2009 AVP season shaping up?


Get over the star performances we saw during last year's Olympic Games in Beijing, when these two dynamos blew everyone out of the water. The power duo is gone for now with little sign of return this season, and as one blogger to our site expressed, the ads designed to evoke an emotion aren't really that sexy.


That's not to say you won't see some fantastic volleyball competitions in the current season. Watching beach volleyball is somewhat like watching surfing competitions, however. The sports are custom-made for participants and watching them provides some thrills, but you always feel like it would be more exciting if you were out there yourself.


The AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) tour is in full swing. What took a way the joy for me was when they began charging to watch something that locals were used to seeing for free. The open stands allowed fans to enter and exit--no guilt, no pain.


With the re-organization of the AVP pro beach tour, we can only hope the tour succeeds. But is it worth the money for a $20 ticket? Many I've talked with think not.





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