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About this beach picture: This photo was taken on a sunny afternoon June in Laguna Beach, California. Two teen girls lay on beach towels in the sand, while a lifeguard sits on his towering lifeguard chair, his bicycle strapped to the side, backpack and floatation buoy, plus surfboards used for rescue.

Mellow June in Laguna Beach--shown in the picture above, the kids are out of school and the beaches are one of the many most popular places to hang out, get a toasty tan, some exercise with a swim, or even a summer job for lifeguards who have passed the tryouts and qualified..

Laguna Beach beaches (over 20 of them), are tucked away mostly in coves, down steps  at the bottom of cliffs and hidden from public view.  There are several popular beaches near downtown shopping that offer basketball courts and a larger tourist crowd.

The picture above happens to capture just a slice the beaches south of the Main Beach. The coves tend not to be very large and guests can only stick around as long as the tides are low.  In the picture you can actually notice the darker sand on the top portion, showing the water has come up recently near the sunbathers. 

Taken from a cliff top set of steps above the beach, you may get some idea of just how narrow this beach and many others in Laguna Beach are.

Laguna Beach is located in the southern portion of Orange County and includes several luxury resorts, Montage and Surf & Sand. Dignitaries, celebrities and a host of wealthy travelers enjoy Laguna Beach for assets such as these intimate beaches where guests experience greater privacy that Huntington Beach with its huge expanse of sand that you walk across to reach the water line. That beach appeals to the masses as it offers large cement parking lots, wheelchair access and beach concessions that few of Laguna's beaches offer.



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