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Beach Photo Skyline Catalina Island


Avalon, Calif.--Beach Photos of surfers at sunset with sky on fire is an example of the dynamic effects you can acquire by stepping out of the daytime picture-taking mode and enter the world of the real beach photos.


Whether staying at the Balboa Inn down on the peninsula in Newport Beach, or Balboa Bay Club on the sandy shore across the bay, you won't resist the sunsets that grace the lovely beaches of Newport as the sun goes down, shown in the beach photo above.

The sky looks like the colors of the bonfire you'll be starting up in the next hour...brilliant yellows and oranges that swirl in the sky, in stark contrast to the gray ocean and black silhouettes that can barely be seen.

As you stand at the beach, you look over to this huge mountainous island, Catalina, and ponder the trip you'll make there the next day on the Catalina Flyer across the street from the Balboa Inn hotel. You can walk over to the boat in less than two  minutes.

This is just another day at the beach seen through the eyes of the photographer's lens. Glorious, stunning colors of the sky give their best show of the day, then quickly fade in flash. For a surfing vacation, or simply relaxation, the beach is the place to book your peace of mind, if only for an evening.





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