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Beach Photos: Romeo & Juliet Portrait


The beach photo of a girl and boy portrays an image that we call Romeo & Juliet because of the innocent beauty captured in a special moment. Her arms are draped around his shoulders as they embrace in the darkness of the setting sun.


While the beach is filled with all kinds of activities, the timeless moments can be seen and captured in interactions between people such as innocent embraces, hugs and kisses, smiles and laughter and the warm caring of a father watching over his child.


Beach photos are traditionally perceived to be bikini-clad beautiful ladies and beach buffed men. How boring life would be if that was all there was to the beach!  People of all sorts go to the beach and share in a love of nature. It is that perfect setting that cannot be re-created in your office on a computer, that makes this an experience worth pursuing as you follow your passion to be by the ocean.


Beaches are actually one of the favorite places for portraits of kids, adults, families and groups getting together. A trend in photography is to capture reality in a journalistic style such as the portrait above. People want something natural and memorable, and it need not include perfect studio lighting or tons of fill light.


Sometimes the best gift to give a loved one is just such an image you've taken. As for romance at the beach (a subject we've failed to discuss), at most beaches in California you must hold back on your unrequited love and passion. But with many camping opportunities at beaches ranging from San Elijo State Beach in Carlsbad to Limekiln State Beach on the Big Sur Coast, the call of the wild is ever present.






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