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Mother's Beach is for dads, too!

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Beach Photos: Father and Son at the Beach


Beach Photo shows dad on the cell phone with waves washing above his ankles as his toddler runs through the waves to shore.


Where are you going to take your son for some fresh air and exercise, dad?  The beach is always good for a few hours of entertainment for toddlers. The little boy in the beach photo above can be seen running, arms stretched, his diaper drooping a little, but who cares? He's having a great time.


Meanwhile, dad's on the phone either cutting a business deal, talking to a buddy or telling his wife to chill out...everything is fine. The care of a father watching over his child is a selfless act whose rewards come in smiles and hugs.


There are some fantastic beaches that include "mom" or "mother's" beach names, but are really  made for dads. Long Beach's Mother's Beach will provide some playmates for your toddler as will Marina del Rey Mother's Beach.


The beach is such a great place for toddlers and little kids. They love the sand and are mesmerized by the waves.  The splish-splash sound is so much fun for a kid who feels the icy water beneath his feet, and feels it touch his skin with every splash.  Running in the ocean creates even more excitement as the water seems louder in fast motion.


When taking your kid to the beach, take sunscreen, hats, clothes for covering up, a couple spare diapers, some money for drinks and snacks, some sand toys and please, don't forget the camera.  Having your camera or video close at hand will bring joy for years to come as you capture these really cool moment when you first bonded with your child. Those diapers are gone in a flash and then your son is asking for the keys to a car.


To gain a perspective from a mother who loved her son so dearly, she'll never forget her dear Scottie, read this poem from Linda Miller titled, A Mother's Dream.