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Beach Boys Album Jackets to a Pendleton jacket for the name The Beach Boys once wore (The Pendletons) are some of the treasures in The Beach Boys exhibit in Huntington Beach, Calif.


Beach Boys Surf Sounds Exhibit at Huntington Beach Surfing Museum California



Huntington Beach, CA -- Surf Sounds Part 1: Featuring the Beach Boys is the latest exhibit from the HB Surfing Museum (Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum).  Did you know The Beach Boys were first called The Pendletons, for the woolen name brand jackets they originally wore when their band was launched? Shedding the coats for some lighter threads and cool look, the creative harmonizers swooned their way into the hearts of every teen girl and car radio of every 16-year old boy who grew up in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's...oh, they're still popular today!


If you think The Beach Boys ever went away, just wander down the streets of the beach region of California Adventure theme park owned by Disneyland in Anaheim. Or sit under the shade of a tall palm on Main Street California USA, and wait for a classic convertible to drive by with the Beach Boys sounds emanating within.


Since the Beach Boys have never disappeared (some former members of the original band get together for concerts), the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum has put together a tribute display to America's top selling musicians of an era.  A collection of most their album covers, some tickets, stage passes, collectible buttons and pins, and even the Pendleton shirt they wore, have been compiled into a time capsule of memories bringing smiles to those who know and remember the Beach Boys. And one of the Beach Boy cohorts who launched a successful career as half the duo of Jan & Dean (Dean Torrence) also has bee featured in the museum, there's a strong connection to music in the field of surfing.


To add to the fun, visitors can pick up a microphone (there are two of them) and sing alone or in harmony in the karaoke corner with The Beach Boys tunes. Expected to run through the summer months 2007, this surfing museum display brings added fun to Surfing Sundays.  As you enter the museum, you'll discover there's a query out for some missing album jackets. The collection is not all-inclusive, but it does represent a large body of albums showing the creative genius and commercial success of the blonde boys who grabbed America by the pocket book and got people spending bucks on music.


To learn about surfing through exhibits such as this past exhibit or others featuring the surfing themed music of the Beach Boys, music and featured movies, "Riding Giants", "Five Summer Stories", "Endless Summer" or "Step into Liquid", Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum is open from 12pm (Noon) to 5pm daily.  Suggested donation is $2/adult and $1/student. Location: 411 Olive St., Huntington Beach, CA 92648. Call: 714.960.3483.

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